Becky Hochhalter, 2020

In the month of May, Indianapolis is unmistakably preoccupied with black and white checkered flags, car culture imagery, and of course the ubiquitous Welcome Race Fans banners that boldly blanket the city everywhere from your neighbor's front porch and the local cafe on up to the most upscale restaurants and hotels. At no other time is the city of Indianapolis so singularly focused on one event.

The year 2020 will go down in history as a unique year for everything and everyone. Even though we will not be able to physically welcome race fans to the city in May as we have for well over a century, the strong racing traditions will continue. This year the city of Indianapolis and the arts community will welcome race fans in differnt ways and at different times, but the sentiment remains the same.

Beginning in 2016, the Arts Council of Indianapolis partnered with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to celebrate the 100th Running of the Indy 500 by commissioning artists to create their own, unique Welcome Race Fans signs. In 2020, we are once again collaborating to create the greatest ART in racing. Five Indianapolis-based artists have created five new artworks that help welcome visitors to Indianapolis and celebrate the history, culture, and excitement racing culture in Indiananpolis. The 2020 artists are: Josh Betsey, Joy Hernandez, Becky Hochhalter, Martin Kuntz, and Jingo de la Rosa..

Look for a sneak preview of the new artwork coming soon along with locations you can see some of the work around town.

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Image: Becky Hochhalter, 2020.

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