About Welcome Race Fans

The Arts Celebrate the 104th Running of the Indy 500

Welcome Race Fans is a collaborative project of the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to connect visual art and artists to this historic race. One of the more familiar and iconic visuals associated with the Indy 500 is the blanketing of the city with “Welcome Race Fans” signs and banners. Our project builds upon and pays tribute to the annual tradition of Welcome Race Fans signs with original artwork created by Indiana artists. This year 5 Indiana artists were commissioned to create their own version of the beloved Welcome Race Fans signs, using their own unique style and materials. The result is an infusion of different artistic voices and imagery to welcome the world to Indianapolis on August 23, whether that be in person or virutally all over the world. Each sign is unique and represents the vast diversity of styles and artists in Indiana. 

All original artwork is for sale. To inquire about the original artwork, please contact us at welcomeracefans@indyarts.org.

Image above: Joy Hernandez, 2020.

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