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Ready to Roll - Julie Xiao

Julie Xiao

Ready to Roll, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

The Indy 500 is an unforgettable and iconic event that has captured the hearts of many. This piece commemorates the race and its rich cultural history and tradition. The wreath and bricks are iconic symbols that celebrate the race and its customs. The bold and vibrant red car was inspired by some of the classic models of race vehicles seen throughout its history. This artwork celebrates and captures the essence of the race and the rich past and enduring legacy of the Indy 500.  

Julie Xiao is an Indianapolis based artist who creates narrative works that speak about contemporary subject matters depicted in a fantastical manner.She has been experimenting with scale and different aesthetic techniques to depict mythological worlds that focus on exploring multicultural identity, mythologies, and environmental concerns.Much of her aesthetic techniques are inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, Japanese prints, as well as contemporary media such as films and comics.Julie is a storyteller as much as she is an artist, she blends her digital media skills with her traditional art experiences to create well balanced compositions that convey various narratives. She strives to create engaging works that tell a story and encourages the viewer to connect and explore more about the artwork.

If you are interested in purchasing this artwork or commissioning the artist, please contact | @juliexart56