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An Indy Home Tradition - Mary Mindiola

Mary Mindiola

An Indy Home Tradition, 2022

Collage on canvas

Mary Mindiola always remembers the start of spring in Indy with the colorful Indy 500 Festival Parade and the beautiful race cars that are part of this event each year downtown. Using recycled materials to create multi-layered collage, a close look at An Indy Home Tradition reveals all of the 500 race winners going back to 1911 along with other important people who make race day possible. More hidden details that are all part of the celebration and objects that are emblematic traditional symbols can be found throughout the composition. 

Mary was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She is the fourth daughter of a marriage between an U.S. citizen and a Venezuelan national.

In 2000, Mary moved to Indianapolis IN. Looking to transform her work into something more meaningful and different, Mary started to use pieces of paper from magazines left behind by her daughter. The desire to use and recycle materials she had at hand worked perfectly and a new medium turned into a passion.

This technique uses only glue, scissors, and lots and lots of magazines. No paint is involved here. This method has also greatly sparked her interest in recycled artwork, conservation, and humankind’s effect on nature.

Exhibitions include Venezuelan ArtFair in NYC June 2021, winner of the people’s choice award for the High Art Billboard Project 2022, and being selected as one of five artists for Welcome Race Fans Indy 2022.