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This is May - Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

This is May, 2023

Digital illustration

During the month of May Indianapolis is electric, the atmosphere is buzzing, and everyone feels it. Hundreds of thousands of fans, parade goers, concert lovers, mini-marathon runners, princesses, drivers, teams, rookies, veterans, and legends. There are parties, pageantry, and paparazzi. Friends and families, floats and flyovers. Culminating with 33 Indy cars screaming around the track. In Indianapolis, this is May.

Johnson’s artwork combines elements of commercial and fine art with graphic design to explore ways of engaging and impacting audiences. The process begins with an idea, evolving through a series of sketches, notes, and renderings. Using Sketchbooks, journals, graph paper, a tablet, or laptop—whatever tools work best to develop the composition—the concept is refined through variations of form, textures, and color until it reaches its fully developed visual objective. Final artwork is produced on paper, board, or canvas for dimensional, tactile pieces or output on archival stock whencreated digitally. His work tends toward representative images of people and their surroundings, often pairing limited color palettes with a bold, graphic style to focus on mood or atmosphere. The subtle use of layered patterns, textures, line and detail add depth to the simplicity of the color and graphic elements. Alternately, a bright, multi-color palette may be used to convey exuberance or emotion, a welcome variation for the artist and viewer. The goal is to focus attention on a subject that can be communicated intentionally and make a connection with the audience.

If you are interested in purchasing this artwork or commissioning the artist, please contact | @scottspix