Josh Betsey
Josh Betsey


To date we have commissioned 53 original works of art for the Welcome Race Fans project. In the dropdown pages above you’ll see the artwork listed by year along with a link to learn more about each artist.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the original artworks from the current or past rounds, please e-mail Many of the original works have been sold to art collectors and race memorabilia collectors, but there are original artworks still available from each round.

Email us for an updated downloadable PDF listing of all available work.

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While this year will be different from years in the past, we would love to see how you have incorporated past artwork and your own artwork into your #AloneTogether celebrations.  Share your photos with us and stay connected as we all work to get #BackOnTrack. Use #WelcomeRaceFans and #BackOnTrack to share your photos on social media.

Image above: Josh Betsey, May Victory Be Swift, 2020, Digital illustration, 18″ x 36″, $375. 104th Running artwork. 


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